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Canadian Union of Postal Workers - Local 850

Located At:

4-802 Esquimalt Rd. 

Victoria, BC

V9A 3M4

Office Hours:

Mon - Fri:   8:30 - 4:30 (excluding stat holidays)

Tel:   (250) 384-1933

Fax:  (250) 386-2141

Due to Covid and security considerations the front door of the office is locked. Please call ahead to make an appointment.

President:                         Kate Holowatiuk 

1st Vice President:        Nick Gulajec

2nd VP / Education:      Kathleen Maher

Grievance Officer:         Graham Scott

Secretary Treasurer:     Norma Kimball

Chief Shop Steward:     Brian Jamieson

Recording Secretary:    Abénaki Sprinkling


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