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Corona Virus Update -  March 18, 2020

Good Morning Local 850 Victoria,

The situation with regards to Covid-19 continues to change rapidly and we are doing our best to keep up with it.


The Province of British Columbia has announced that there will be a new active phone number for British Columbians to call for information on COVID-19. Amid the current outbreak of coronavirus, huge call volumes into the current provincial health information line available at 8-1-1 are causing massive delays and phone wait times. This has sparked the province to announce Monday morning a new number dedicated specifically for COVID-19 concerns.


As of March 16, people can call 1-888-COVID-19 or text 604-630-0300 for details, advice, and further information on the virus.


Link to new BC COVID-19 self-assessment tool -


Please do not visit healthcare professionals unless you need immediate help.


Visit the CUPW website for the most up-to-date info related to your job and Covid-19, including and new methods for retail counters and for delivery of Personal Contact Items.


If you feel like you are getting sick, call the provincial health authority and describe your symptoms. If you are recommended to self-isolate, call your supervisor and if you are part of Urban Ops tell them you are applying for quarantine leave under article 21.06. Your supervisor will direct you what to do next - a claim with Canada Life will be started. If you are an RSMC call your supervisor and cite clause 19.03 Leave for Other Reasons to begin paid leave - see for more details. If you are a Temporary Worker, apply for EI. More info on applying for EI here -


Please be aware that not all symptoms will result in the advice to self-isolate. If one of your co-workers is coughing or sneezing it could be a cold or hay fever, not Covid-19. Please treat each other with respect.


We are all ultimately responsible for our personal health and well-being. Please keep up to date with the latest info from health organizations on how to avoid infection and slow the spread of Covid-19. We need to stop worrying if we get the virus and start acting like we are contagious and take steps to minimize transmission. These actions will save lives.


There have been questions about why Canada Post is still operating when gatherings of 50 or more people are prohibited. The intent of the ban is not to shut down all hospitals, grocery stores, public transit, and prisons. The intent is to flatten the curve by eliminating all optional public gatherings like concerts, conferences, and coffee shops.


The union is in constant communication with the employer on a national, regional, and local level to ensure the safety of our members as much as possible.


Individuals with specific health concerns should approach their supervisor with a steward or health and safety rep if they feel they need to take steps to protect their well-being at work.


We will continue to update you as new information arrives.



In Solidarity,

Local Executive Committee

CUPW Victoria Local 850

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