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Strike Vote Meetings

July 25, 2018

     In accordance with the procedures laid out in the Canada Labour Code CUPW must now hold strike votes prior to the end of the conciliation period. The Victoria Local will be holding strike votes on the dates and times as follows:



    August 22, 2018

          Union Hall 802-Esquimalt Rd.


             12:00 Urban Operations Vote


          Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre 1767 Island Highway

          Fieldhouse (Lower Park)


             17:00 RSMC Vote

             18:15 Urban Operations Vote


    August 23, 2018

            The Salvation Army Victoria Citadel 4030 Douglas St.

            Multi-Purpose Room


              15:00 Urban Operations Vote

              17:00 RSMC Vote

              18:15 Urban Operations Vote


      August 28, 2018

              Steelworkers’ Hall 351 Brae Rd., Duncan


               16:30 RSMC Vote

               18:00 Urban Operations Vote


    Meetings will start promptly and the doors will be locked after 15 minutes so please be punctual. Once the doors are closed they will not be opened for latecomers. A Regional Officer will hold a short information meeting prior to the vote.


Please make time to attend these very important meetings and exercise your right to vote.


In solidarity,


Jessica Dempster


CUPW Victoria Local 850

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